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50th TFW

50th TFW

50th AGS

50th AGS

50th Armament Electronics Maintenance SQ.

50th Ammo. Sup. Sq.

50th ASupS

50th CES

50th CES subdued

50th CRS

50th EMS

50th FMS

350th MMS

50th MMS

50th MMS(T)

50th Motor Vehicle Sq.

50th Services Sq.

50th Services Sq. subdued

50th SPS

50th SPS subdued

50th SPS K-9 section

50ht SPS K-9 section round

50th Air Police Sq.

50th Air Police Sq. K-9 section

50th TFW Stan. Eval. Sec. merrowed edge

50th TFW Stan. Eval. Sec. cut edge

50th Supply Sq.

50th Trans. Sq.

Hahn Hosp.

Hahn Hosp. subdued

50th TFW Gaggle

50th TFW Gunsmoke 1985

50th TFW 50th Anniversary

2141st Comm. Sq.

2184th Comm. Sq.

6911th ESS

10th FBS

81st FBS

417th FBS

50th EMS backpatch

10th TFS far east made

10th TFS

10th TFS subdued

10th TFS one and only real DS patch

10th TFS DS made after return to Germany

10th TFS fake DS patch

Gen. Dyn. F-16 DS patch

DS patch that came with 10th TFS DS patch

313th TFS

313th TFS

313th TFS subdued

313th TFS with F-16

496th FIS

496th TFS

496th TFS Worlds Finest

496th TFS later issue

496th TFS subdued

496th TFS Cave Canem

100 Missions over the Mosel

200 Missions over the Mosel